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Selecting a Coach

Finding the right coach for your needs and personality can be a daunting task. However, it is of the greatest importance to find someone who is not only qualified, but qualified to address your needs.  In return, the coach will want to know if you are ready to be coached which means that you want to improve by adopting new behaviours or learning new knowledge, skills and abilities, or both.  Also, you must be willing to make the effort to learn.  Here are few tips to consider in selecting a coach.

1. Experience

Does the coach have work experience comparable to yours? It is estimated that about 75% of self-proclaimed career coaches actually have little-to-no experience in the workplace and have only been trained in life coaching. Such individuals may have a number of suggestions that seem wise on the surface, but have few practical suggestions on how to help you achieve your professional goals.
"It was a deep learning experience for me to work with you (Charles) .... I would now be a converted advocate that more people do this (coaching).  It is not well known outside the (National Capital Region) NCR. So again thank you for your patience and insight and good thinking - be well."

2. Credentials

Choose a coach who belongs to recognized professional associations. These affiliations are a sign of formal training and of adherence to general standards of professionalism.
"J'ai beaucoup aimé ta façon de faire. Ta grande humilité et le respect que tu démontres dans tes actions font de toi une personne très agréable à côtoyer. MERCI.  "

3. Credibility

Select someone that has a solid and quality reputation as a coach.  It is crucial to validate the person's standing.

"Thanks again for all your help and patience (Charles). I continue to review and practice what you have taught me so hopefully one day it will be second nature, like what you do."

4. Methods

Some coaches insist that you come to their location in person; others will agree to meet with you at a local coffee shop or even work with you by phone. If you would prefer a particular meeting location or method, make sure the coach you're considering will at least discuss your request.

"Je ne crois pas avoir les mots suffisants pour t'exprimer ma reconnaissance mais vraiment MERCI pour tout ce support durant l'été.  C'est quelque chose qui va me suivre tout au long de ma carrière car j'en ai la preuve vivante que ces notions fonctionnent!".

5. Goals

Any decent coach should be able to help you find and establish your professional goals. However, before meeting with anyone, take some time to determine your own goals and potential milestones. When you do meet with your coach, inquire as to when you can expect to see results, and what those results might look like. 

        "Thank you very much for all your support, guidance and patience (Charles) during the coaching sessions.  
        I learned a lot and very much appreciated you sharing of your knowledge and experiences."

6. Guarantee

Inquire as to what sort of guarantee the coach provides. While there are many challenges trying to achieve higher levels of performance, you are paying for a professional service and should end up satisfied. You should remember that the learning process has a few steps that may take weeks or months to master before feeling comfortable with new ways of thinking and behaving. 
" (Charles) Looking beyond "my" career to seeing the broader goal of managing a high performance team was definitely the "ah ha" moment for me last week.

7. Fees

Career coach rates vary substantially with coaches who target middle managers charging anywhere from $50 to $700 for sessions that may last an hour or an entire day. Some coaches want to meet with you only a few times, to help you get started in a new direction, while others want to work with you in the long-term to help you achieve a transformation.

"I wanted to share my news that I have recently learned that I was the successful candidate on the process that you coached me for. I actually felt prepared although I could have used a few more days to fine tune my responses. I attribute my success to your excellent coaching. I swear that your wisdom was with me to be myself and just explain how I work (the whole risk/conservative thing)."
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