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Personal and Executive coaching along your own career path.
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When you choose to work with us at ReachingYourPotential, you'll enjoy an individualized approach to discover your best professional path. The method is comprehensive and focuses on you as a person, since your perfect path comes from you.

You'll realize how to identify your strengths and build on them, identify the behaviours that are expected of you in your role and practice them, and finally build greater self-confidence by being appreciated by others and by reaching your objectives.

My fee is $245 for a one hour session.

Career Coaching Sessions

Quick Start

This is a 90 minute session in which we get to the root of your professional goals. If you are trapped in your current situation and just need some help fleshing out your goals and some direction about how you might begin your path, this is the ideal solution.

"I’d just like to let you know how happy and excited I was yesterday after meeting with you. It was probably the most 90’ well spent of my entire career in the Federal Public Service. In just this one session, you’ve opened the door for me to see so many possibilities."

Achieving your professional goals


With your professional goals identified, you commit to the steps required to achieve them.  You should consider 4 to 6 sessions over a three month period to achieve your goals which could be one or several of these challenges: 

·         Managing relationships in the workplace - How well do you manage your boss’ expectations of you? How well do you work horizontally with colleagues and partners/clients? Do you have trusting relationships with your subordinates?


·         Building a high performance team: what to consider? - Is their clarity around the team’s vision and mission? Are team members clear about their roles and responsibilities? Have you discussed with your team how you will work together? Do you know who you need to team or partner with? Have you in place a continuous learning approach so the team is building capacity as they work?

·         Want to be true to your values: do you have clarity about the values you want to honour at this time in your life?


·         Making a career move: preparing for an interview with a potential employer - Making a career move requires clarity about the following: Why are you moving at this time in your career? What are your interests/passions?  What value-added to you bring to a new employer?  What boss, job, team and organization would be a best-fit for you today?


·         Is your boss telling you that you have to be more strategic?  Do you know the behaviours that you would need to demonstrate to him/her that you understand how to be strategic in practice in the workplace?

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