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About Us

ReachingYourPotential Coaching was founded by Charles Lemieux; he is an experienced executive coach and a strategic thinker with a proven record as a team leader.

An experienced executive coach 

            Since November 2003, Charles Lemieux has provided over 4,000 hours of coaching executives and aspiring executives in the Ottawa area and over the phone across Canada.  He also conducts team building sessions based on the needs of his clients.  He is a human resource professional with accreditation from the Canadian Human Resources Professionals Association (CHRP) and a professional coach, earning the designation ‘Master Personal and Executive Coach (MPEC)’ from the College of Executive Coaching, an institution recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

He provides executive coaching services to the Public Service Commission’s Executive Counselling Services and private practice clients and in the past, provided coaching services to the Canadian School of Public Service’s Accelerated Executive Development Program (AEXDP) and Advanced Leadership Program (ALP).

His coaching philosophy is ‘holistic’ because the client’s whole life is incorporated into the coaching agenda, ‘values-based’ because it is important to discuss the client’s most important values or passion areas, and ‘action oriented’ because almost every coaching session has a focus on identifying and committing to specific actions.

A strategic thinker

Charles Lemieux spent over 36 years of distinguished service in the Canadian Forces (CF), retiring as a General Officer in 2003.  In 1995, he received the Meritorious Service Cross (MSC) for his leadership as the United Nations Commander in the Bihac Sector of Bosnia-Herzegovina; in 2000, he was inducted into the Order of Military Merit as an Officer of the Order (OMM).

A strategic thinker with strong interpersonal and communication skills, he believes effective consensus building is the best way to develop and support logical strategies and achieve comprehensive results.

In his last assignment before retiring from the CF, he led the team that developed an executive level competency framework, development model and implementation framework for the professional development of CF senior executives.  This initiative built upon their previous seminal work of developing the vision and professional development strategy for CF officers to the year 2020, using modern practices to encourage critical and innovative thinking.

A proven team leader

Over a period of ten years at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa (1992/2003), he led strategic staffs in defence policy, joint operations and plans, public affairs and human resources.  Also, he served for a short period in Central Africa in late 1996.  During the previous 20 years, he led teams, large and small, in education, training and operations in many locations across Canada, in Germany, and in Cyprus under the United Nations. 

            In 1994/95 during the hostilities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he coordinated United Nations military planning and operations from its Sarajevo and Bihac Headquarters.  Under his guidance, UN forces reduced tensions, negotiated with warring factions for the movement of food and aid, and established partnerships with NGOs to coordinate humanitarian efforts. 

      His public affairs experience is broad and diverse; he developed and executed a UN media strategy with international radio and television (1994/95), a CF army communication strategy to address its leadership challenges (1997/98), and the Defence Year 2000 transition media strategy (1999).

      He has published articles on leadership based on his personal operational experience and the work of his team in developing the CF professional development strategies for the future. 

            He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Royal Military College, 1971. He is a graduate from the CF Land Command and Staff College (1977), the CF Command and Staff College (1981/82), the National Defence College (1991/1992), the Rotman School of Management’s (University of Toronto) Advanced Program in Human Resources Management (2003), and the College of Executive Coaching in California (2003/2004).

Charles’ company (CNSL Consultants Inc) is registered as a supplier with Public Works and Government Services Canada as part of the Federal Government Programme of Professional Services Online.

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